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art commission why artists say no

Reasons Why Artists Reject Art Commissions

Have you ever been told by a wood artist, or any artist, no for an art commission? You are willing to pay for a commissioned piece but they find a way to back out of it and say no.

As a consumer or collector you do not understand why any artist would do that. Here the various type of artisans in the world struggle to explain artistic creation and limitations.

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Table Saw Blades for Art

What Saw Blade is Best for Fine Woodworking?

If you talk to a woodworker about table saw blades for art they may look at you funny. Nevertheless the general rules for wood cutting apply. After all artwork for wood is woodworking taken to the next level.

It is about accuracy and artistic value of design in fine woodworking. Having the right saw blade is critical to your success in achieving that accuracy needed for wood art.

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Are Tool Marks Desirable in Wood Carving?

Tool Mark Impact From A Wood Shaping Tool

In wood carving should tool marks be seen on a finished piece of art? Know that these marks can impact the value in art and thus the beauty. All wood shaping tools leave marks but not all are equal.

chatter marks

First let’s define what a tool mark is in wood carving. This mark occurs when man made tools alter the surface of the wood leaving behind signs that the tool was there. Chatter marks are common from blades of planers. Cnc surfacing marks are another when a wood panel was surfaced. As a buyer you need to know what you are seeing. As an artist you need to minimize undesirable tool footprint.

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Starting Tools For Wood Artwork

Starting Tools for Fine Wood Art

If you ready to dive into the world of wood art go in with both feet the right way with the starting tools for wood. While the dive in will be fun it can also cause frustration.

What tools do you buy and how much do you spend?

We need to step beyond woodworking tools for beginners. Starting tools for wood art require power and accuracy. This is fine woodworking with artistic creation.

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Resourcing Wood for Art

What Is The Best Wood For Art?

Resourcing wood for art can be a challenge. Not all species are equal and some will have unique characteristics.

Wood is much like a canvas. In fact many who work with beautiful wood of this nature call it a wood canvas. Names such as Rainbow Poplar, Ambrosia Maple, and others come to mind.

Grain colors are vitally important to what the final work will become. Unfortunately this kind of beauty cannot be had from just any store location.

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