About JDaniel

I began within art more than 20 years ago but began to specialize within wood art 10 years ago. The majority of my work has been known locally in this time, but now I also enjoy reaching beyond older borders.

Wood became my medium of choice for how beautiful the medium is by its very nature. Today having sold my work across North America I am enjoying not only the art but sharing what I have learned.

My wife has specialized knowledge in marketing having worked under CEO’s of major corporations and for major media networks. We both enjoy a simple and quiet life now being outside of that big world.

This blog is about more than me. It is about the art itself, the artists who partake in that world, and the collector or occasional buyer.

There is a world of education to be found not merely in the form of woodworking, or the artwork, but also through the experiences lived. I hope to bring more to the topic than a manual on how to, but engage the minds of those that find these pages.

If you wish to chat you can contact through the form here, or reach me on Twitter by @jdanielcreation (Twitter is the fastest way), and through my gallery.