Mini Cnc The Ultimate Wood Cutting Machine

Artist Perspective On How To Build And Use A Cnc

Yes I own a cnc and I built mine piece by piece. So I know a lot about the mini cnc especially from a diy perspective and its applications as an artist.

No doubt that it is the ultimate wood cutting machine. Yet before you dig into this world there are some things you need to know and questions you should answer for yourself.

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Dry Or Wet Sanding For Smooth Wood Finish

How To Get A Smooth Glass Finish On Wood

Before I get into whether a dry or wet sanding is better to obtain a smooth wood finish we need to detail industry standards. This process is not something a painter will do before staining and sealing the wood trim of your house.

If you have the money for doing it then great, but the cost would be more than you imagine. I thought I would save some poor soul out there by adding that little bit in here before a home owner reads this.

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Nordic Art

Norse Art Impact In Culture And Time

There can be no mistaking the importance and impact upon Europe from Nordic art. As Europe was attempting to emerge from the Dark Ages it appeared as if the light was about to end in a long period of plague and death by northern raiders. What the oceans and rivers brought were Norse men to raid and pillage the coasts and interior lands of Europe that would forever alter its landscape.

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Aesthetic Room Ideas

Natural Accents For An Aesthetic Room

When on a budget finding ways of bringing a room to life can be challenging. There are aesthetic room ideas which can be used that do not involve any money at all.

If one is willing to put a little diy effort into the mix you can take from nature and make it yours. Likewise if you are willing to spend a little the options widen as to what wood can offer you.

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