What Are E Galleries And Their Impact In Art

Transition To Electronic Galleries

We are all familiar with art galleries. E Galleries are essentially the same yet online only. They are run in a similar fashion minus the physical location with all that it brings.

At least this is how it began, yet this is now changing. The term virtual gallery is considered by some a different concept associated with virtual tours.

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Loss Of Art Galleries And Art Storefronts

Decline In Art Storefronts Impact Artists Reach To The Public

It has been more than a year since the world began shutting down fighting a virus. The loss to art galleries and art storefronts have been economically significant.

As we look forward into the next year already we hear of the issue deteriorating rather than becoming better. This comes despite promises which are made as people surrender more and more.

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Realism vs Stylized Art In Wood

Realism In Wood Art?

Every artist exist somewhere on the scale of realism vs stylized art. After defining what this is for the uninitiated I wish to look at how the world is changing especially for wood art. Typically realism is not something one would associate with woodworking unless it is life like carving. It is amazing to see what doors technology has opened for the average enthusiast.

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Cool Things For Your Room

Cool Wood Items To Change Your Home Decor Life

If you want cool things for your room that will change your life for the better then stop and read. What is better is that they are natural and offer aesthetic appeal that few other items can give.

Nothing is better than wood, at least in my opinion. This is more than a home decor item, but offers artistic expression and function to the room.

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Best Wood For Carving

Which Wood For Carving Is Best For Beginners?

Which species is the best wood for carving for beginners? When you begin learning the many lists online can become confusing.

I wish to eliminate some of this confusion and give you a shorter list of great places to begin, then expand. None of the wood species I detail require expert levels of experience.

Some species do require more experience than others. Yet each of these can be explored rather early in your learning phases.

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