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Abuse Policy

No abuse of any kind will be tolerated. This includes spam in any form whether by email or attempting to influence other users or viewers of Wood Art Studio. No inappropriate content that is derogatory in nature will be allowed in any format.

If content is found to be threatening that is left by any user towards Wood Art Studio or another user all data will be forwarded to appropriate authorities.

All comments are held for screening for abuse before they are allowed to appear. Wood Art Studio holds the right to deny a post or delete as it so desires for any reason including abuse.

Account Termination

The owner of Wood Art Studio holds and retains all rights to the website. Any account can be terminated at any time for any reason if it is seen as unfit or undesired. This termination can be without notice and at any time. All associated data with the impacted account can be retained if needed for legal matters or destroyed if desired.

If you wish to have your account terminated and internal account options are not suitable feel free to use the contact form and request termination. All data associated with the affected account will be purged.

Information Provided As Is

The information found within this site is from personal life experience, research, and reflection. It is provided as is from the authors perspective and is to be taken as such. At no time is it advice to influence another individual with choices or decisions that can be made.

Using the information provided within the pages of this website the user who views and applies any information will take full responsibility for their choices and decisions.

Rights To Content

All written content is of original authorship and is not to be copied or duplicated. No permission will be granted for these purposes. The author retains all rights to their work.

Quotes and links may be used referencing material giving attributes to Wood Art Studio and the author. Note that a quote or link does not include entire copy of content for duplication.

Others Content Within Wood Art Studio

Others content will be treated with the same respect as original Wood Art Studio content.

Images that are used are royalty free or have been paid for use within the content. Some images that are used are done so with permission granted from the owners of the content. Images may also be original by the author. Image content may not be used by a third party for there is no way for a third party to distinguish proper use.

The one exception to the image use policy is when an image is used as a link to original content back to Wood Art Studio and its point of origin.

Limited Liability

While Wood Art Studio does the absolute best to present accurate information note that not all information may be accurate. In the event that inaccuracies exist or there are flaws within the website systems Wood Art Studio will not be held liable. Ultimately it is the user responsibility to verify information and choose how it is used or if it is accurate.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are set forth and applied as per the law within the state of South Carolina and the United States of America.