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Advantages of wood decor

Wood Decoration is not a Passing Trend

Wood has been a material that has been used for generations in home decor items. This leads to one of the greatest advantages of wood decor.

It is not a fad. Wood decor will always impact interior decoration whether for wall art decor or rustic farmhouse cabinetry.

It will not go out of style or pass into memory as other things such as shag carpets. Wood has been with us since man shaped the first tools and it will remain with us.

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Hand carved vs Machined

Is Handcrafted Equal To Hand Carved?

Hand carved vs machined artwork can tip into a major debate. At the core of this argument is value. We first need to define hand crafted.

I would like to begin with one clarification about fine woodworking. Many artists will say their work is handcrafted yet large portions of their work is machined.

If a wood carving is machined as opposed to hand carved, does this still qualify for handcrafted? Absolutely yes. Why? This goes into the whole argument of what is better, or rather what qualifies as genuine handcrafted wood art.

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Decor Ripoff or Good Buy?

Interior Styling Questions

Interior styling with your decor can become cumbersome and lead to a decor ripoff. Chasing every trending home design can also be expensive as we attempt to style up.

You need to decorate for yourself and not the trend. If you are shopping and find a piece of home decor at a higher end store and buy it, was it worth the cost? Furniture for example tends to have insane markups on the price and often people end up with a better branded Ikea.

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