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What Platform Is Best For Artists

Defining What A Platform Is For Artists

A platform can be any location where independent artists share their work with the world. This definition is important for it can also incorporate historically traditional venues.

While today we often think of a platform involving the internet, it does not always. Nevertheless I will bring out the key components of which platforms are the most critical and best to have.

I will break these down into three categories: Social Media, an Online Gallery, and traditional Public Relations. It is time to graduate and move away from art how to videos.

While third party art websites can be of a benefit to starting artists, we need to begin building real presence. To do this we need new goals.

The goal of each artist is to build a well rounded art portfolio. Consider the following information to that end.

Learn to use these well and never fall into bad marketing habits for art.

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Artists?

I would suggest you take a look at this article. This will explain why social media is not enough for success. Allow real data and marketing reason to drive your decisions.

Anytime the question of social media is asked, the first word that often comes to mind is Instagram. Nevertheless I wish to qualify what makes one better or the best platform for artists over another.

If you are merely sharing your artwork without having other online infrastructure to support you, then I agree Instagram is likely your best option.

Displaying your fan art for fun, selling art prints, or getting small commissions this way is common. There is nothing wrong with using media for this purpose at all.

Unfortunately for too many artists their support network ends here. It is also unfortunate that many misuse these platforms in dangerous ways.

An artist who takes their work more seriously usually will have an online gallery or blog of some kind. If you run a blog then Twitter would be your better or best platform as an artist. Why?

Twitter will offer a wider spectrum of networking and resources when working with other writers and site owners.

Too many also miss the importance of Facebook. Yes it is considered an older platform. Yet it hold powerful tools for integrating other social media, but more importantly easy targeted marketing for selling art online.

Is Instagram As Good As Artists Believe For Sharing?

Instagram is great for merely gaining “followers” and sharing artwork or selling art prints. It can be used for more yet there are limitations.

A site owner would wish to be around more writers or those who also own sites. Google itself will tend to favor Twitter over Instagram on search.

This for me places Instagram in the back seat. Personally I would favor Pinterest over Instagram merely based upon how Google interacts with social media.

Most who flock to Instagram fail to see the holistic value of how algorithms work. Much of the effort on Instagram translates into vain metrics.

Why Twitter Is Better For Artists With Blogs?

Twitter has been known for the home of writers, not artists. Yet when you own an online gallery or blog your need in networking grows exponentially.

Here we reach into understanding search engines and websites with all associated marketing. Utilizing Twitter as an artist puts you with others that also write or own sites who need the same.

This association by need and content will aid in building relationships and references for your work.

Essentially you gain more firepower via SEO through relationships that aids you across multiple platforms. It is a success due to networking with others.

Why Artists Need Facebook As An Art Sharing Platform

The power of targeted marketing is where its at with Facebook. As a platform for artists there is no other tool which allows you to target specific regions or income brackets for free.

While you must pay for the advertising, these additional tools with many other places will cost more. It is easy to integrate other social media uses with this platform allowing both to grow.

An additional and powerful benefit can be found with Facebook. It is a direct window into your local market.

Furthermore it becomes absolutely critical when we begin talking about Public Relations and networking in local communities as an artist.

Yes an artist should use a platform such as a blog or online gallery. In fact it should not be a question. Rather it is a must for an artist to grow an audience.

If an artist does not have an online gallery it is severely crippling. It is really the only hope you have to compete in art marketing with corporate brands.

business plan

A gallery or blog becomes like the hub of the wheel. The spokes are your outreach platforms such as social media and public relations.

The rim of the wheel will relate to how well your methods perform in actual conversion reaching the public. Attempting to be an artist without a blog or gallery removes the most powerful online platform you can have.

Note that I do not, nor would any site owner ever include having an Etsy store as being the same as an online gallery. These are two very different things.

I will add that if an artist decides to use an E Gallery to take care in reading the terms and conditions. E Galleries can exist anywhere between online versions of physical galleries, to concepts such as ArtPal.

Some can be beneficial. Others can be very detrimental to your efforts.

How Do Online Platforms Work For Artists?

Each platform an artist uses within the online world will be regulated by its own algorithm. For social media these algorithm’s are very limited in scope and reach.

Social platforms require two key components. First is a lot of activity and input from the artist daily creating posts. Due to how quickly social content fades it becomes a never ending cycle of creation.

Secondly social platforms require user interaction in order to gain any reach. Without this it goes nowhere. Even if this is achieved, the lifespan of the post is quite limited and will fade very quickly.

A blog or online gallery as a platform for artists is a permanent feature. It does not fade nor go away. Search engines can rank the information and allow persistent access to your site across time.

The drawback to using search engines most often stems from two issues. First is a lack of understanding how they work. Secondly few have the patience to build the infrastructure in order to make it work for them.

In the end, if I had to only choose one online platform to work with while ignoring all others, I would choose a blog and online gallery. For me that is an easy choice.

When all of these come together as one the artist will discover something unique. The search engine will be the most powerful online platform for artists generating new leads.

Social media will become the outreach for the artists to reach these new leads that follow them. Suddenly each platform for the artist begins to serve specific functions for a much larger marketing machine.

How Do Traditional Platforms For Artists Fit Into Your Life?

I have written an extensive article on traditional Public Relations that I suggest you read. In all seriousness, this method is the most powerful platform for the artist that you can work or possess.

How good is this platform? It can take a hobby and turn it into a career. This is about building an art business the genuine way. Unfortunately I list this option last. Why?

Human nature tends to drift towards what is easy. Electronic platforms with an image and click of a button are in fact too easy.

Few people really want to put in the work for the real grind.

You can get excited with false numbers or data all you like. Real conversion is found at the local street level of life.

Never get caught up in the competition of creatives whether online or in the real world. Build your platform and focus on you.

In terms of creating a platform for artists, if you are serious about your work then you will take your public relations seriously at the street level.

Networking within community is essential. It builds real and lasting relationships. Other artists within your community will grow with you.

In short what you create is a team that works together through life. Being an artist is a journey, not a destination. Get this principle mixed up and all else you do will be wrong.

Take the time to learn your local area. Figure out what works within that environment. Meet and talk with people in person and begin building.

Outreach is the only way. You must go to them.

Working within groups such as art guilds, or participating within art exhibitions is great. Yet these cannot and will not generate the public relations that you need.

Nothing can replace you creating your path by building lasting personal relationships.