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What Is The Best Place To Sell Art

Best Places For Artists To Sell Art

A younger artist questioned me as to what was the best place to sell art. The answers may be surprising but much will depend upon your local area.

New independent artists have the most difficult time. The locations I will present is geared more towards this kind of artist. Yet they are also great for the more experienced as well.

The linked information in this article will be critical leading you to further information in how to build an art business. That information will expand the why behind the strategy being a good direction to go for selling art.

Know that larger cities will be very different from small towns. Nevertheless there is a lot of similarities. This is merely the beginning of learning how to make money with art.

Top Best Places To Sell Art Within Physical Locations

You are looking for foot traffic more than how nice or fitting a location may be. Allow me to put it like this.

If I had a choice to place my art within a coffee shop as compared to a home decor shop, I would choose a coffee shop every time. Locally owned businesses can grant you this kind of advantage.

While achieving this may require some introduction and networking it is well worth your effort. Locally you can build the strongest art audience to support your work.

Again the key is foot traffic and volume of people moving through a location. Ice cream parlors, dining locations, generally anywhere people will meet and sit for a period of time is great.

These locations are the best place to sell art for more than the volume of people passing by. They are there getting comfortable and happy with their meal or treat.

In other words they will be in a better to good mood. In reality they are not shopping but rather relaxing. That is the best time to be noticed as an artist.

Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Book Stores, Ice Cream Parlors, or other similar high traffic locations are great. Coffee shop book store combinations are great. Local natural health and wellness shops pair well with art too.

One piece of advice is that I would not drop my price for the art due to any location. Do the best to choose a nice location.

Knowing how to price your art should never depend upon where it is displayed. Maintain the integrity and value of your art no matter where it is seen.

Next Best Places To Sell Art In Physical Shops

Locally owned shops geared towards decor or home wares is next on the list as the best place to sell art. Personally these are less desirable for me.

One strategy to leverage at locations like this is to sell art prints in order to spread branding. Your name becomes known to more people via a cheaper alternative than original art.

The disadvantage in these stores is that the owner will want turn over for the space you are taking. You need to be selling art.

Some may want a higher rate for allowing your work into the store. Compare this to a restaurant getting to borrow free art with less worry of your making sales.

The advantage in these home store locations, is that if they are higher end then you can gain a better client. At least this is the hope in that these people will come more quickly.

If you use these locations have your art tailored to the theme or genre of what the store offers. A little more may be required of the artist to fit into the scene.

Why Are These Location The Best Place To Sell Art?

Locations such as these allow for constant foot traffic. They are not limited to a single weekend exhibition such as a guild show or gallery.

You are able to manage your art and negotiate terms. In this way you remain in control. It also allows you to build a direct relationship within public relations.

Early on these things matter as you begin to cultivate your name. Ultimately as your art is noticed more doors will open within the community.

Best Place To Sell Art Within The Online World

I have written extensively about how critical it is for an artist to have an online gallery. Without it you are crippled.

Knowing how to market art online can be complex. Nevertheless the article linked in the last sentence will aid in providing logic to my numbers and strategies.

Your online gallery which you own and operate is the best place to sell art in the online world. There is none better.

All else you do points to your online presence. This is true whether you are an established artist or are new seeking art commissions.

I know that and online gallery will not be an option for everyone especially early on. So where do you turn?

Despite me hating Etsy with a passion, and all the problems with Etsy which exist, there are strategies for growth there.

Personally I would use Facebook with its many groups and networking capacity to build my way into physical locations. The added benefit is that you can sell from there as well.

Without an online gallery, Facebook would be the best tool to strategically build a presence.

I would completely avoid anything like Ebay. Rather I would attempt to start with something like ArtPal or similar if there were no other choice.

Social media such as Instagram or Twitter is a problem when attempting to sell art. Instead I would use it as a communications platform and networking. Do not sink your resources into these platforms for sales.

Why Focus On Physical Locations As The Best Place To Sell Art?

In short art is best discovered in person as an experience. Networking is a critical component for allowing this discovery to happen.

Indeed there are those out there who primarily focus on the online world, such as me. This method is not traditional and requires a lot of work and time.


Interacting with real people will yield faster results with less effort. Furthermore you will find more doors open allowing you to branch into new places.

The online world for selling art is an add on. At least this is how it should be. The add on component of the online gallery should be secondary to physical presence.

Why do I then focus within the online world rather than physical? For me it is for two reasons.

I am very introverted for starters, but I also have far more technical abilities than most artists. The model I use fits me.

Here you need to step back and realize that the best place to sell art must fit you. We all must grow outside of our comfort zone, yet it still must fit who we are.