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How Innovative Artists Shape The Future

Innovative Artists Within New Media Art

As the world is changing, innovative artists are helping to shape its future. This highlight within art displays the power of New Media Art and its trajectory in influence.

A mere twenty years ago what we see done today could only be had from specialists in the industry.

It is here we begin to discover the gap in education to what is being produced by artists from day to day. Those who are looking to push the barriers and find new methods will forever change the landscape of the art world.

Bringing Art To Life In New Media Art

Of the most difficult things any artist can face is how to bring their work to life. The very elements of art itself focus on theory which are meant to grab a viewer and pull them into a work.

It is an intellectual and emotional language that is to be spoken without words.

Suz at MotionKitty is one such innovative artist that has found a way to bring new life into art. While many of the works she may transform are not hers of origin, what she can see within a work by using New Media breathes new life into them.

Within her work one can see how the symbols are used to add depth of meaning, the positive space comes to life, and in others the negative space adds to the subjects story.

It is all done with animation where an artists vision is reborn to be a living part of a greater story.

It is here that the confluence of older visual arts meets that of New Media. It is an evolution which is natural due to what technology can offer and acts as a landmark for the future.

Work such as those by Suz become the benchmark for where future artists should aspire to move into.

It is one thing to be within animation. It is another to capture the essence of art and give it deeper meaning. This is a perfection which artists for generations have sought to achieve.

Today Suz is an example of those who have found a way to further accomplish this goal.

Innovative Artists Influence Sketch Art In New Media Art

Sketch Art itself has undergone an unbelievable change forever altering its landscape. It is amazing to see how this evolution is still underway on a scale that is hard to imagine.

What began as an idea to add light effects and depth to drawings has become more than anticipated.

Apps and software allow for artists to easily render new effects within their works. Yet now other apps such as SketchAr open new possibilities for artists with augmented reality.

Taking on another spin from what MotionKitty has done, there are artists who are further implementing augmented reality to the next level.

In the near future the art you will see will be interactive animations. Here art and design come together adding to our lives in new products which we will use.

While the world of Virtual Reality may be focused on industries such as video games, the world of what is augmented will be used by everyone. It is in the not too distant future that a home will be equipped to have interactions much like Iron Man’s Jarvis.

The next step is bringing elements such as Alexa to life with visual art through an interface. In terms of working with art specifically, the power which an artist can have will have no boundaries.

Creating art will be far more conceptual through what we can imagine rather than only by pencil or paint.

We are quickly moving into a world where what is defined as art will become an argument in of itself. Battle lines have already been drawn with many.

What is accepted as an individuals artistic expression or what is the creation of a machine will cause conflict in coming years.

Will New Media Art Replace The Old World?

Of the greatest issues which the art world faces is a lag between accepted traditional arts and that of the present evolution taking place. Formal Arts education cannot keep up with the fast pace trends which emerge.

With this also goes the methods by which an artist must use to market themselves within industry.

Within the past, art and design were held as separate worlds. Today an artist has more relevance in design than ever before.

The potential job growth for artists who perfect these advanced skills is exponential. No longer is an artist confined to galleries or traditional methods of thinking. Industries such as Google, Snap, Qualcomm, or Spatial become doors which begin to open.

Certainly with this explosive future growth the gap between tradition and the evolving arts will grow. Yet in no way do I believe that the old world of traditional arts will disappear.

Rather the traditional arts will also transform as they have begun to do over the past 100 years.

While artists will still perform within art such as figure painting, there is a whole new horizon to now be explored. New Media is not a replacement, but rather adds to our value in art.

Educational Thinking Hinders Innovative Artists

A problem persists within educational thinking. Know that this is a real problem not a perceived issue by position.

For example part of what educational institutions do is aid in preservation, recording and documenting, as well as teaching art.

There comes a point when the transition in the evolution of art begins to out pace what these institutions can keep up with. This is especially true in this preservation and documentation role.

Yet the problems do not end here.

The education also becomes a major issue. A student in Fine Arts needs more than the traditional education which one would expect to receive. At what point does this degree begin to fail in preparing a student for the real world?

Art History and Art Appreciation become the cornerstone of the more traditional degree when they cannot provide the technical capabilities needed. A student is forced to expand their education within design and other technological fields.

The artists which succeed in the future must truly become innovative artists who are willing to self educate and push the limits. They must be aware that the present institutions may not, or cannot provide all that they need in their vision.

To be an innovative artist is more than merely pushing ones work to be unique or standing out from the rest. It also requires an artist to move around obstacles for which there may be no easy solution or answer.

High School Education Fails To Prepare Innovative Artists

In the face of many schools which have made budget cuts there are those who have almost eliminated the arts. This is a critical mistake and ultimately a failure within education systems.

Yet for those who still remain there is a greater disparity than that at the University level. This is especially true when it pertains to New Media Art concepts.

Considering that many children do not have access to the needed technology at home, the school would be a logical choice for exposure. If a child is not exposed to these areas of technology then they are unprepared for a University.

What was once just art is now a field which spans every industry imaginable. We may be able to teach our kids mathematics and science yet they have never learned how to express creativity.

Furthermore they have no way to explore the tools in order to find what their creative passions are.

New Media Art Becomes Like The Wild West For Innovative Artists

One can list many influences for art becoming more like the Wild West. Just recently Corona held major influence in shut downs globally forcing many to rethink how they approach the world.

Yet the issues within art began long before this.

Technology aided in placing strains on physical galleries as more innovative artists turned to online vehicles, social media, and personal websites. This is merely one side of the picture.

For an artist to remain relevant within the world they must further themselves outside of the institution. The institution being defined as education and accepted arts.

Additional training in other fields which before were unrelated are necessary. Digital design has become a core necessity for anyone looking for a position within a corporation.

It is imperative that an artist come to know how to have their own voice. As they begin down these new evolving paths they cannot rely upon the sanctioned centers of art from the past.

We will not fit in their halls to be hung within that gallery.

Our future is uncharted and more innovation will be needed in how we find our voice, fellow people, and reach the public. We must be able to see around the bend and think outside of the box.

No one is there to help us but each other.

How Innovative Artists Used Technology In Alternate Mediums Of New Media Art

Wood art is of itself a set within fine woodworking. It is its own unique niche that once was more broadly practiced by those trained in traditional art from generation to generation.

Today the wood artist still seeks out guidance of those who came before rather than education. There are no schools to teach these skills.

It may be in part a sign that I am a dieing breed. Yet within my own world technology has also reached in to forever alter the landscape.

Cnc machining can now render a work in mere hours that would normally take days to weeks by hand. Traditional wood carving is a dieing art that slowly is becoming extinct.

From the early 2000’s Linux began pushing a platform which allowed numerical coding to be applied to hardware for the common man. No longer was this technology isolated to big industry where millions of dollars was required to be spent in order to have it.

In 2021 if one is capable of coding, a machine can be built for between 8 to 15k usd and it deliver whatever the woodworker needs.

Within my little world we too must adapt to changes that otherwise would render us irrelevant. This is now technology has influenced so much within New Media Art that many would never have imagined.

Those of us who are older learned from the craftsmen who came before. Refining our trade to make more beautiful and unique works of art becomes the key.

The younger generation looks to machinery to try and keep pace with mass production facilities.

Each must find their own way to survive.

How Do Innovative Artists Survive?

For those who are pushing the edge of the envelope, reaching to new places and heights, there is no need to worry. They are the new pace setters as innovative artists that will take us to a new tomorrow.

The older guys like me are almost dinosaurs. Stuck in our ways we resist change but eventually accept it and learn new methods of work.

My Cnc for example is a mere three years old despite them being available to everyone for near 15 to 20 years.

The answer on how to survive comes back to an essential question. What kind of artist do you want to be? What direction do you wish to go?

The vision you have must in some way fit the model which the world is moving towards. If it does not then you will be left behind.

For younger artists I will give one piece of advice. Learn to dream but also be within the reality of the trends of where art is evolving.

Push that distance and reach beyond the present limitations. Do not get stuck inside of the maker world of cute little things.

Art is not only about what you can create. Art is about you. It is about who you are and what vision you possess.

What you truly chase after will eventually be known. If it is money, love, the passion of the art, it all is eventually known and seen.

The innovative artist often is the one who passes by those things that others settle for. Never give up on that dream nor settle. Keep exploring and pushing.

What Does The Future Hold In New Media Art?

I imagine that art will soon be a world that we cannot imagine. Wearing glasses while sitting in our living rooms we can visit and experience something unbelievable.

While I embrace this potential within art in the future it is impossible to fully know where it can go. What I hope is that the landmarks of history are not lost. I hope that the history is preserved.

Without those historical landmarks the future will become more challenging. I hope that we as artists can still maintain our perspective and the responsibility we serve to recording culture for posterity. All the gadgets in the world mean nothing if we lose who we are.