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Incra Ibox Jig For Box Joint

Adjustable Incra Ibox Jig For Repeatable Results

I am not an Incra Ibox fan boy by any means nor was I paid for this review. I do not make a penny from any suggestion I make here about Incra.

The Incra Ibox just hits the ball out of the park. It is absolutely solid in terms of performance and repeatability. There are parts of it that can be touchy yet it is supposed to be. It allows for some serious fine tuning on the cut.

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Mini Cnc The Ultimate Wood Cutting Machine

Artist Perspective On How To Build And Use A Cnc

Yes I own a cnc and I built mine piece by piece. So I know a lot about the mini cnc especially from a diy perspective and its applications as an artist.

No doubt that it is the ultimate wood cutting machine. Yet before you dig into this world there are some things you need to know and questions you should answer for yourself.

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Dremel Wood Carving Bits

Best Small Wood Art Tools

When it comes to small projects or cleaning a larger project it is hard to beat dremel wood carving bits. Of all the options available on the market this is one of my go to art tools for wood art. The value and function really is hard to beat. It is important to note that this is a wood shaping tool more than a traditional cutting tool. Nevertheless I will discuss how it can be used effectively.

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Cnc and Router Bits for Artisans

Wood Shaping Tool – Where To Begin?

When using cnc bits or router bits unfortunately the artisan must select from a wide array of possibilities today. This wood shaping tool comes with a power to cut in ways few others do.

As applied to art with wood most commonly these are used on wood panels or for engraving art. The right application by the artist will also allow 2.5 and 3d wood carving.

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Table Saw Blades for Art

What Saw Blade is Best for Fine Woodworking?

If you talk to a woodworker about table saw blades for art they may look at you funny. Nevertheless the general rules for wood cutting apply. After all artwork for wood is woodworking taken to the next level.

It is about accuracy and artistic value of design in fine woodworking. Having the right saw blade is critical to your success in achieving that accuracy needed for wood art.

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Starting Tools For Wood Artwork

Starting Tools for Fine Wood Art

If you ready to dive into the world of wood art go in with both feet the right way with the starting tools for wood. While the dive in will be fun it can also cause frustration.

What tools do you buy and how much do you spend?

We need to step beyond woodworking tools for beginners. Starting tools for wood art require power and accuracy. This is fine woodworking with artistic creation.

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